Combining forces to create the best in pet care products

Our story was as simple as it gets. Two friends complaining over the quality of pet care products while searching out alternatives for mass produced grooming products currently on the market. Their research reaped little results. Many of these so-called "Natural" companies were still using inexpensive, often harmful ingredients in their pet care products. With a background in product development of natural health care products for humans, the transition to pet care was quite simple. Research, Develop, Create. The team of 3 at Hound & Co spared no expense while developing what they believe is the best quality puppy care products available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are parabens and why should I avoid using them on my dog?

A: Parabens are chemical ingredients that are either part of artificial fragrances, or used as a preservative in many cosmetics. Parabens can be absorbed by the skin and studies have shown these chemicals to interfere with human hormone levels, along with contributing to skin aging and DNA damage. Few studies have been done on dogs but it stands to reason that highly sensitive canine skin should not be exposed to destructive chemicals. Paraben free shampoos and conditioners (like ours) make sense for both dog and owner. 

 Q: What are sodium laureth sulfites and are they harmful to me or my pet?

 A: SLES are inexpensive yet effective foaming agents typically used in lower quality cosmetic products. They do not contribute to the effectiveness of the product in any way. They are, however, well known and common skin irritants. Why expose your pet's skin to unnecessary chemicals known to have a detrimental effect? We can't think of a good reason, which is why none of our products contain SLES. The trade-off is a slightly less 'sudsy' texture at bath time, which we feel is a small price to pay for keeping our products healthy and natural. 

 Q: Are artificial fragrances harmful to my pet?

A: Artificial fragrances will only show on a label as 'fragrance, or parfum', however these substances can be composed of up to 3000 different chemicals. Label laws do not require manufacturers to disclose each of these chemicals. Many of these chemicals are known irritants to humans and animals alike. Most alarmingly, a considerable number of these chemicals have not been tested for toxicity in living organisms and are known to have a detrimental effect on the environment. Consequently. all of our products are scented with high quality essential oils which are known to have therapeutic benefits. Artificial fragrances are attractive to manufacturers because they are cheap, especially compared to good essential oils, but our customers feel that a quality product is worth the extra cost and we couldn't agree more. 

 Q: Why do you use plastic containers?

 A: The containers we use for our products are PET Plastic. These do not contain BPA, are sustainable, and environmentally friendly. They are typically made with recycled products and can easily be recycled and reused. We choose these bottles both for their resistance to micro-organisms and their strength and durability, so they will stand up to all the rigors and fun of bath time. 

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